Why Volunteer for the CCMC?

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The Capital City Men’s Chorus (CCMC) is growing in both the number of singing and non-singing members that make up our organization. We hope to have 100 singers at the start of our Spring Semester (January 2019).….. FABULOUS!

With our growth comes the increased challenges of meeting all the needs of that growth and continue to provide the exceptional performances that Austin has come to expect and deserve from the CCMC.

We are looking for highly motivated people that support our mission and wish to add their time, energy, and ideas to the organization.  You DO NOT have to sing to be part of the CCMC.

If you are interested in a more permanent volunteer position on one of our committees or on the board of directors, click here for more information and applications.

For the wonderful folks that simply enjoy giving of their time and energy in supporting our concerts and events, we will have single volunteer opportunities just for you.

Click on the link at the top of the page to ensure that you are notified when the volunteer opportunities for our concerts and events are posted and ready for you to sign-up.

Some benefits of volunteering with the CCMC include:

  • Documented Volunteer time for either work or school volunteer incentive programs.
  • Personal tax deductions for volunteering (i.e. mileage/parking or transportation).
  • That feeling you get from supporting an organization that is working toward equality and a stronger Austin community.