Sing with us

Audition Policy

Choral experience is not required, but is highly desirable, as is vocal training. The ability to read music is also highly desired, but not a requirement. Singers do not need to bring a prepared solo piece to their audition, unless they wish to, and it can be an Aria, Art Song, Jazz number, Show-Tune or any style that best demonstrates the singer’s range and expressive abilities. The singer wishing to bring a solo piece must let the chorus Artistic Director know ahead of time what he plans to bring, so the Artistic Director can advise of its suitability. If the Artistic Director determines the song being offered is not suitable he will help the singer pick another, from the singer’s current repertoire. The singer must also provide a copy of the music, in the appropriate key, for the accompanist at the audition. If the singer is unable to do this, or does not have a suitable song ready, this part of the audition can be skipped as it is not required, and would have little bearing on whether or not a singer is ultimately accepted — in other words, having a suitable solo piece ready might help you, but not having one won’t hurt the singer’s chances.

The singer will be asked to repeat some short melodic phrases, to check “tonal memory” and intonation, and also repeat a few short rhythmic patterns. None of these will be very difficult. The singer will be vocalized to determine vocal range, and placement in the Chorus (Tenor I, Tenor II, Baritone, or Bass).

If you have any further questions about the audition, please contact the CCMC Membership Chairman at

Our rehearsals are Monday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway, Austin, TX 78751.

Rehearsal & Performance Schedule for Fall and Holiday Productions

  1. Rehearsals on Mondays 8/6 – 11/26 from 7:00-9:45 pm, except
    1. Monday 9/3 moved to Thursday 9/6
    2. No rehearsal 9/24
  2. Sectionals
    1. Tenor 1: TBD
    2. Tenor 2: TBD
    3. Baritone: Monday 8/20 and 9/10 at 6 pm in Trinity choir room
    4. Bass: Monday 8/20, 8/27 and 9/10 at 6 pm in Trinity Social Justice room
  3. Tech Week Rehearsals at the venues (Mandatory Attendance, unless excused by AD)
    1. Fall Production: Thursday 9/20 and Friday 9/21 7-10 pm
    2. Holiday Production Tuesday 11/27 and Thursday 11/29 7-10 pm
  4. Performances
    1. Fall Production:
      1. Saturday 9/22 call time 6 pm for 7:30 pm show
      2. Sunday 9/23 call time 3 pm for 4 pm show
    2. Holiday Production
      1. Saturday 12/1 call time 6 pm for 7:30 pm show.
      2. Sunday 12/2 call time 3 pm for 4 pm show