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We are so grateful for the review given by Michael Barnes.

Every line is wonderful, but here are our favorites:

“Unbreakable” was also unbelievably moving. The singers wept. The audience wept. We all wept together. … Yet this show was full of uplifting tunes and encouraging stories. The title song itself reappeared regularly to keep community spirits high. … For many audience members … the most impressive element of the show was the flawless performance by this community of voices, always a group with flair, but now an unbreakable band of artists of the highest quality.


“Unbreakable” should be experienced by audiences in every city and town and performed in every school. It’s an historical and artistic landmark.

We couldn’t agree more!!

We are so happy for this review by Michael Barnes on our cabaret show, Journey Home. Here are are favorite lines:

… among the most effective were selections, not written for choirs, but arranged gloriously for large ensembles of tenors, baritones and basses. I include among these a reworking of James Taylor and Don Grolnick’s “Lonesome Road” and Charles Small’s “Home” from the musical “The Wiz.”

All hail artistic director Daniel Arredondo for bending this quite disparate musical material to his voices and this grand old space …